Silver Tree Primary School and Nursery

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

We are a lovely, hardworking and vibrant Year 3 class. We all have a love and curiosity for learning!

Our Class Teachers

Our class is taught by Mr. Dhiman and we are supported in our learning by Mrs. Collins. On Tuesday afternoons, Mrs. Burnside takes half of the class for Forest Schools and the other half have a P.E. lesson delivered by the Sports Coach.

Our Curriculum & Learning

In Year 3, we focus on a different topic each half term. This topic will create an overarching theme to our learning in other subjects. We will begin each topic with a ‘hook’ lesson to trigger our imaginations and leave us ready to learn more! Topic work allows the children to make links between subjects and gain a deeper understanding.

Our first topic of the year is “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and focuses primarily on History and Science. We will study rocks and fossils in Science and develop an understanding of the different types rocks, finding out about their properties and uses. In History we will study the three periods of the Stone Age (Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic) as well as learning about why the Stone Age ended and the Bronze Age began.

For further information and termly topic webs, please visit our dedicated Curriculum Page


Our English work is taught using a key class text or novel. We enjoy reading our text or novel every day during our daily story time. Story time gives us the chance to simply enjoy listening to a story. Our comprehension and writing tasks link to our key texts and we complete a range of writing genres in our lessons. Our reading lessons also focus on developing our skills through the use of film clips, images and we use Reading VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference,Prediction, Explanation, Retrieve, Summarise) to help us with this too.

This half term, Year 3 are reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King.

Barney is a bored young boy staying with his grandparents on the chalk downs of southern England. One day, he falls over the edge of an old chalk pit close to his grandparents’ house, tumbling through the roof of a den. While exploring the den, Barney encounters its owner, Stig, a caveman with shaggy, black hair and bright black eyes. The chalk pit is disused and full of people’s discarded rubbish .

Barney and Stig quickly become friends. They learn to communicate with each other without language, as Stig speaks no English and their adventures begin…


Our Maths focuses on the skills developed through White Rose Maths. We follow the block planning schedule and differentiate the lessons to meet the needs of the children. Children’s learning moves from using practical resources, then pictorial representations and finally to the abstract, which helps them to develop a secure and deeper understanding of concepts.

We also use Active Maths and other resources to help develop children’s reasoning and problem solving skills, and children have daily basic skills practice to keep these up to speed.

To view our Autumn Medium Term Plan for Maths please click here.


Each half term, children will be given a homework grid with a range of activities to choose from, with many of them linking to our topic. Each activity will be worth up to a certain number of monster points on Class Dojo. Homework must be brought into school by the Thursday of each week at the latest and the children will have an opportunity to share and celebrate it with the rest of the class on Fridays. As part of their homework, pupils are also expected to read their reading book for a duration of 10-15 minutes at home at least three times per week and practice their times tables.

Archived Class Activities

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