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Curriculum – English

At Silver Tree Primary School, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality English curriculum that fosters a love for language, literature, and effective communication. We aim to create a rich and engaging learning environment that equips our students with the necessary skills to become confident readers, proficient writers, and articulate speakers. By nurturing a passion for English, our goal is to empower our students to become lifelong learners and effective communicators in an ever-evolving world.

To achieve our vision, we will implement the following:

Reading for Pleasure:

We will prioritise the development of a reading culture by providing a wide range of high-quality texts that cater to the interests and abilities of our students. Through regular dedicated reading time, engaging book discussions, and access to a well-stocked library, we will inspire a love for reading and encourage students to explore diverse genres and authors.

Phonics and Literacy Skills:

We will teach a, DfE approved, systematic and progressive phonics program (Rocket Phonics) to develop strong foundational literacy skills. Our curriculum will provide explicit instruction in phonics, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, enabling students to become confident readers and writers. We will also incorporate regular opportunities for students to apply their literacy skills across different subjects and real-life contexts.

Writing Across Genres:

We will provide a balanced approach to writing instruction, encompassing a variety of genres such as narratives, persuasive texts, informational writing, and poetry. Students will be guided through the writing process, from the use of model texts to planning and drafting to revising and editing, fostering their ability to express their ideas coherently and creatively. We will also encourage students to develop their own writing voice and engage in authentic writing experiences.

Speaking and Listening Skills:

We will integrate oracy skills within our English curriculum, providing ample opportunities for students to practice and refine their speaking and listening skills. Through activities such as debates, presentations, role-plays, and group discussions, students will develop the confidence and fluency to express themselves effectively and engage in meaningful conversations.

Literature Appreciation:

We will expose students to a range of classic and contemporary literature, fostering an appreciation for different cultures, perspectives, and genres. Through guided discussions, analysis of literary techniques, and creative responses, students will develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the power of language and storytelling.

When our children leave Silver Tree Primary School, we believe they will become…

Confident and Proficient Readers:

Our students will develop strong reading skills, including decoding, comprehension, and critical analysis. They will become fluent, confident and independent readers who can engage with a variety of texts, extract meaning, and make connections to their own lives and the wider world.

Effective and Expressive Writers:

By providing a range of writing experiences and explicit instruction, our students will become proficient writers who can communicate their ideas effectively and creatively. They will develop a strong command of grammar, vocabulary, and writing conventions, enabling them to produce well-structured and engaging written work.

Articulate and Engaging Speakers:

Through the integration of oracy skills, our students will become articulate speakers who can express themselves fluently and engage in meaningful conversations. They will develop the ability to listen actively, ask relevant questions, and respond thoughtfully, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

Lifelong Learners and Critical Thinkers:

Our English curriculum will nurture a love for learning and a curiosity about the world. Students will develop critical thinking skills, the ability to analyse and evaluate information, and a deep appreciation for literature and language. They will become lifelong learners who are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

We are confident that our students will develop a strong foundation in English language skills, a love for reading and writing, and the ability to communicate effectively. They will be well-prepared for success in their academic journey and equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

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Quality Mark

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Quality Mark for English and Mathematics in recognition of our focus on improving provision, practice and performance in all areas of English and Mathematics.

We were externally assessed and this award recognises our whole school and whole staff approach to supporting our pupils and improving standards.

Please use the links below to read our full report, letter sent to parents and carers and view our award certificate.

Quality Mark Visit Report 2023 

Quality Mark Letter for Parents and Carers 

Quality Mark Award Certificate